Fire House Management Solution

Pricing Simplified

While we provided tiered access to our services we do not beleive in tiered pricing based on your company needs or demands. Our pricing is fair and simplistic across the board. Each company gets every feature we offer with unlimited users, unlimited storage for a flat rate of $249 a year. Plus 24/7 support for all services.

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Activation and Setup Made Easy

  • No Setup Fee and Quick Activation

    You'll never pay a setup fee to activate your services. Most accounts are activiated within 2 business days of payment receipt, or a promise to pay.

  • Single Admin to Start

    You'll need to provide us a contact point for your company. We will create your company record and establish your account in the database. Once complete, they will receive an email link to setup their account. Finally they can create accounts for additional users. We do not allow public signups for security reasons.

  • Phone Support

    If you need assistance when setting up we offer phone support so you can talk to a real person and recieve a quick answer. If you'd like, you can also email us at

  • In Person Setup and Support

    If your close to one of our field reps, we would be more than happy to come out and help you get setup and even help with your initial inventory.