Fire House Management Solution

Cloud Based Inventory Management

Why Cloud Based?

The security and redunancy is simply non existant on a local setting. When you choose our cloud based solution you get the piece of mind that all your data is stored securely in the cloud. Our servers are completely redundant giving you access to your data 24/7 from anywhere in the world.

Inventory Features

  • Organize your items by apparatus
  • Create an icon for every apparatus
  • Add complete details about your items
  • Ability to add images to every item
  • Add unlimited users to your company
  • Multi station option for sub stations

Tiered access levels

  • Admin level access

    The admins of your company will have full access over managing your inventory. They can access the system from anywere and anytime to add new items, manage your existing items and delete anyting as time goes on. Admins are also responsible for managing the members of your company and assigning access levels.

  • Standard level access

    Imagine giving your members the ability to look over the trucks from home. To learn where items were, view images of items they were unsure about and educate them without having to physcially be at the fire house. Standard level access gives you just that. Your standard level members can view every truck and every item and images of such in your firehouse. Theres no risk of a standard level creating an error with the integrity of your database because they simply have view only access.

Superior reporting

Having your data in the cloud is just the start. We offer multi option reporting that allows you to be as specific or broad when it comes to printing out reports. If you are in a state with a relief organization your audits just got easier. You can print out all items based on ownership or apparatus for easy review.

All members of your organization can download and print their own reports. Any report can be generated on the fly with our customer reporting portal. You have the ability to customize every report chosing the fields you want to print. If you're doing your annual inventory and paper is the route you choose, then you can easily print out what you need and check items off as you go. Our newest upgrade to reporting also allows you to include images as you see fit.

View a sample report here

Barcode management

Tracking items easier then ever

Need to instantly update a tool, or take an item out of service? Our iOS apps allow you to do just that using the camera on your phone. If you chose to barcode your items you can easily scan an item to pull it up instantly for easy editing.

Inventory in a breeze being able to quickly scan all the items in a compartment and find out whats missing.