Fire House Management Solution

100% Cloud Based

Managing a fire house is complicated and time consuming. We take that worry away with our 100% cloud based service. With fast redundant servers you'll have access to manage your fire house any time from anywhere in the world. Your data is secure on our servers that we own and manage.

Inventory Management

We're proud of the inventory system we built and we know you will be too. Designed by fire fighters for fire departments. We have planned out what you need to fully manage your inventory from purchase to end of life. There is no other service out there tailored to fire departments like Firehouse Cloud.

Undeniable Growth

Not only are we extending our service area nation wide but we are adding new features monthly. Our end goal is to be the only service you need to manage every aspect of your firehouse. Current subscribers do not pay an increase in cost in their current billing cycle for new features.

Personnel Managmenet

Let us handle the records and certifications for your members. All stored in our redundant data array providing you secure access and no risk of losing files. Create a profile for each of your members to keep track of them easily.

Apparatus Maintenance Records

Our apparatus maintence section is your complete record storage and resource to keep track of your apparatus. Apparatus isn't cheap and neither should your record system keeping track of them. Our cloud based mileage and repair system helps you know the performance and value of your apparatus.

Inventory Management

Our inventory system is the foundation of our company. We started with the idea of providing the best inventory system for fire companies with them in mind. On average a fire company has over half a million dollars in inventory not including apparatus, you need a company that can help you manage it right way.

Inventory management services

  • Quality organization

    Create your apparatus, attach an image to create its icon. Then create your compartments and its time to add your items. We allow you to be very detailed with your items and you can even include images for each item to help new people learn the apparatus and tools.

  • Reporting re-invented

    Print reports for any comparment or a complete apparatus. You have the option to even include the images for every item. Print by ownership for easy to answer relief audits. All reports are provided to you in pdf format to easily share with other people or print to share.

  • Different Access for Admins

    Our system is designed so admins can add, edit, or delete items to keep your records current. However you can give standard access to other members to give them 24/7 access to view the inventory for learning purposes. Standard members can't edit or delete apparatus or items.

  • Barcode Management

    You'll need our iOS app for this but you have the ability to barcode your items for easy review or editing. This also allows for fast inventory being able to scan a compartment quickly and find out whats missing and needs replace.

World class
support system

The customer support for our services doesn't end when you purchase our software, thats when it begins. We offer 24/7 ticket support and for emergencies we have dedicated phone support. We have a team of staffing that operates both in the United States and out of the country as we aim towards international growth. We also have support reps in the field and depending on your location they are able to help you with initial setup and ongoing support.

Contact Us

Demo our software

Giving you the opportunity to demo our software is the first step in a lasting relationship. We will give you 30 days to try our software completely risk free. You will have full access to all features and if its not the right solution for you, then your company isn't stuck in a commitment. Please email or call us to setup a demo.


Make the choice to purchase

Once you've come to the decision that you're ready to let us help you manage your fire house its time to make a commitment to each other for a long term healthy relationship. Follow the signup page for full details on how to get your account online. Because we know how eager you are to get started we can activate your account once we receive the contract back and payment won't delay your services.


Manage your fire house

Once you're on board let us handle the complicated stuff. You'll never have to worry again about the tasks that are time consuming when it comes to managing your fire house. Furthermore we will handle the security of your data with our redundant network and servers. Rely on us to securly store your data with practices above industry standards.