Fire House Management Solution

Who we are

Fire fighters just like you

With our spare time all of our team members are volunteer fire fighters. Our home office is based out of Pennsylvania where volunteer fire departments are a life line to the community.

Our team members bring the experience of advanced database management, server maintence and security and iOS application development. We built from scratch every feature we offer. We are not reliant on any other service to provide the experience you expect.

Why us

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    Designed by fire fighters

    Thats right, this entire service was built from the ground up by fire fighters. If you're going to trust a system to help make your life easier, chose the one from those in your shoes. All of our features were built from scratch by us giving you the experience you deserve.

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    We own our hardware

    We own and manage our own servers. This allows for more protection and security. Our servers are in a world class data center in Orlando Florida. We have a redundant array that provides the uptime you expect. We set our own foundation and then took it from there, no features are relying on anyone elses services.

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    It's never good enough

    The service we offer is top of the line and our support that backs it up pushes it over the top. Even that, just isn't good enough for us. We work every day to streamline our servers and add new features for you. We will never stop developing or working to make this the best product available to you.


Join our team

We are actively looking for sales reps out in the field. With the growing service area of our product we are looking for people with a driven desire to help fire companies and help show what we offer. Heres some of the qualities we're looking for:

  • Work on your own schedule
  • Willing to meet with fire companies on our behalf
  • Offer our services with a detailed knowledge
  • Provide support even after the signup
  • Pass a criminal and child services background check

Our field reps are comission based with no cap to earnings. This is a great opportunity for a part time job for someone who is looking for some extra income and a full time job for those that want to commit the time to make high level income.

We do require you to take part in our training course and have a complete knowledge of our systems inside and out. If interested please send your resume to